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Timothy Treadwell was batshit insane.

So I saw Grizzly Man last night at the Dobie. We did it as an AFF screening and it was packed. Sat on the front row, which I usually hate, but it's not so bad at Dobie 2.

The film was fantastic. Herzog might get an Oscar for this, he deserves to. Better than March of the Penguins, though still a little slow in the middle, the best part of the film was Herzog's own ideas about Treadwell. His examination of Treadwell as a filmmaker was great, and the two scene sequence of Herzog listening to the audio of Treadwell's death and then an extended, silent bear-fight was bravara filmmaking.

In an odd way I totally respect Treadwell, even though he was a crazy bear fetishist. I feel very sad for his girlfriend that also died, but not at all for Treadwell himself. This was literally the way he would have prefered to have gone.

Post-Grizzly Man Top Ten:
1. Last Days
2. Hustle & Flow
3. Kung Fu Hustle
4. Batman Begins
5. Grizzly Man
6. Happy Endings
7. Layer Cake
8. Sin City
9. March of the Penguins
10. Ong Bak

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  1. # Blogger jim

    I was at the same showing. Great movie and as a former alaskan I can tell you he won't be the last "eco-warrior" to be dined upon. There is something about "The Last Frontier" that drives people over the edge to co-mingle with wildlife that should observed at a distance.  

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