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Errol Morris is awesome.

Well now I have to host an anti-Death Penalty film festival at some point. Combined with Kieslowski's amazing Decalogue V (I really need to see A Short Film about Killing), Morris's The Thin Blue Line should make any intelligent audience turn against the death penalty. Anyone that thinks that courts don't make mistakes, Morris has seemingly effortlessly, though with painstaking research, shown that Randall Adams killed no man, and it was a system that suffers human frailty that sentenced him to death. Now, his sentence had been commuted by the time that Morris proved his innocence, but that mean nothing on the front of death penalty politics. He would have been killed, or at least died in prison had it not been for Morris.

As a film, The Thin Blue Line is amazing. Morris's cutting, combined with his brilliant research is amazing, and he presents his case with perfect persuasion. The famed reenactment puts the film on line with Rashomon, as one of the handful of great films about truth.

Godard said that film lies at 24 frames per second, perhaps The Thin Blue Line was a time where the truth came through.

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