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Two by Werner.

Heart of Glass (Herzog, 1976)

is beautiful, haunting film that uses actors in a way I had never seen before. They were all hypnotized, except for the lead, and yet each give strong vibrant, strange performances. Especially the typically Herzogian town aristocrat who is both haunting and disturbing.

Herzog claimed that in German the opening of the film would put you into something of a trance, and I believe him. A truly mesmerizing film.

Even Dwarves Started Small (Herzog, 1970)

A film that in many way couldn't be any more similar or different than Heart of Glass, Herzog's second feature is alternatively hypnotic and utterly boring. It is a (mostly) failed attempt at allegory that is incredibly effective in brief streches. The sequence with Hombre and the bed or anything with the car is amazing, but for the most part it falls fairly flat. However, the ending may be something I can never get out of my head.

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