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It's a screening log, no more no less. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say one of these days...

Kevin Costner doesn't care.

So Stacey was watching The Bodyguard this morning, and it just hit me. Kevin Costner just doesn't care about anything he has ever done. Look at him in this movie, it's like he's doing someone a favor every second he's on-screen. And it pisses him off.

"I have to sleep with pre-crack Whitney in this scene, damn it, how did I get talked into this?"

Costner only works well in films specifically tailored to that personality trait, i.e. he could give a shit all the time. Watch Fandango(still his best movie) or Bull Durham and then it makes sense. But in anything where he should really be proactive, not the loser he's best at, is just painful to watch.

And the fact he has a Best Director Oscar while Welles, Altman, Scorsese, Hitchcock, Kubrick don't should make us all cry a little on the inside.

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  7. # Blogger ABC = Arthur B.Chaney

    im not selling anything LOL
    but k.c is a ?
    but whitney is just plain messed up now
    god bless her
    hope she turns it around SOON  

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