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Weirdest Grab Bag Ever.

Two weeks of the festival meant no watching movies, ironically. But this weekend I came back with a vengeance, and somehow decided to have the strangest triple feature ever.

Good Night, and Good Luck.- A film that totally suceeds in what it wants to do, but fails on the level of drama. Clooney set out to make the best educational film ever, and he achieves that perfectly. But as a drama, as a film about people and emotions, there is little to go on except a beautiful turn by Ray Wise, he of Twin Peaks fame. It is a film that I recommend whole heartedly, but never really connects with me on an emotional level.

The Adventures of Robin Hood- I'd always wanted to see the Flynn version, if just to cleanse m mind of Costner. About halfway through, I was terribly disappointed by a a lack of adventure in the classic adventure film, but it really picks up around Robin's capture of Marian and earns its high place in spades.

Silent Night, Bloody Night- This was so much better than it had any right to be. While the dialog isn't great, the acting is fairly strong and visuals work quite well for the most part. The story is genuinly shocking and surprising, with some great third act turns. At Tarantino's sixth festival here in Austin, he and Rodriguez acted out the opening sequence. if I had known how good the movie would turn out to be, I'd have been there in the front row.

Current 2005 Top 10:
1. A History of Violence
2. Broken Flowers
3. The Constant Gardener
4. Last Days
5. Hustle & Flow
6. Kung Fu Hustle
Grizzly Man
8. The 40 Year Old Virgin
Batman Begins
10. Good Night, and Good Luck.

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