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The Joys of Unlimited Rentals.

Boy is it fun when a local video store gets unlimited rentals. So here's the rundown from this weekend.

Dawn of the Dead(2004): While it would be impossible to surpass Romero's masterpiece, this is a taut, intelligent thriller that is well acted and very slickly produced. A great ride.

Emma: Stacey wanted me to see this since we had just gone to Pride & Prejudice. I actually enjoyed this much more than the newer film, it benefits from great casting and a better ensemble, but the ending falls short of P&P. The staging of Emma's big scene cuts all the tension, and though I enjoyed these characters much more than the rather tiresome Bennets, I wasn't moved nearly as much during the big kiss between Emma and Knightly. Still a good film, though, especially in the parts of Alan Cumming and Ewan McGreggor.

Throne of Blood: Perhaps the best film of Macbeth ever made, topping even the great, savage version that Welles made in 1947. Kurosawa's film from 10 years later ups the ante in terms of animalistic performances and Mifune's Macbeth is a vision of terror and sadness at the same time. The ghost is terrifying and haunting, and for the first time works as a cinematic character and not just a theatrical device. A great film with a brilliant ending.

Plus one film I saw in the theaters.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The best entry in the series, the first to work for all three acts. While the kids may have reached the end of their acting range, it has reached a level of naturalness that works well even if it is nothing inspiring. Mike Newell and Ralph Fiennes are really the stars of the show, with wonderful action and Fiennes struts very memorably in his scene. I can't wait for the next one.

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