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George Romero's America.

I think that alternate title about sums up the true push of the Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead. Much has been written ad naseum about the anti-consumerist fable aspect of the film, so I won't hash over it again, but Dawn presents an incredibly well observed look at what an apocalyptic disaster would cause in this country. That answer? We'd head to the mall.

As someone who spends a larger amount of time in malls than I'm willing to admit, Dawn strikes close to home. We are all people who are defined, as George Carlin put it, by our stuff. I'm not sure what I'd do without my DVDs and my books, and the greatest want in my life is a widescreen TV. Sure, I'll proclaim that it is all in the service of my favorite art, but still it is the material trappings that I desire.

My thought as I went into Dawn was simple, and revealing. Wow, what a great place to be trapped if there was a monster attack. My emotions turned with the same arc as the characters, and Romero forced me to examine what it is I find important, and whether I was simply wrong.

Not a bad accomplishment for a zombie movie.

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