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I finally got around to seeing Crash last night. There is not a single true beat in that entire film. Not one character is well drawn (maybe Terrance Howard, but that is more do to acting than writing) and every turn is telegraphed about 20 minutes out.

Haggis's film seems to want to deal with big issues, to have something important to say. It doesn't, but it thinks it does and pronounces that loudly. While his actors are fairly solid, though the better actors give the better performances, and his direction is okay, if gimmicky, Haggis's script is terrible. He simply has nothing new to say on the subject of racism, and it is obvious.

I wish that Haggis could sit down and watch anything of Kieslowski's The Decalogue. Then he might learn the concept of dramatizing his polemics. Either that or go full Godard and quit narrative all together. Otherwise, he just needs to stop making these damn boring films.

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