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His Music.

I wasn't sure what to make of Godard's First Name: Carmen until the last few moments, and then I realized it was a great work. His amazing, perhaps unsurpassed, skill with music is on full display in this film. Beethoven and Tom Waits, a perfect combination I think. They serve as point, counterpoint to a tragic, yet farcical tale of the gamut of one young love.

I've moved on into the "late" Godard, skipping past most of his 70s work (though I have seen Tout va Bien and Letter to Jane). If they can all hold with First Name: Carmen, he actually might have a chance at surpassing Welles as my favorite director. Orson still has the edge, but especially if Passion is as good as I have heard it is, Jean Luc has a chance.

I love cinema!

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