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Lake Woebegone.

A Prairie Home Companion (Altman, 2006)

Robert Altman's latest, and potentially last, film is a brilliant meditation on death and memory. He takes Keillor's interesting story about the death of his show, and the culture it represents, and begins to craft a story more about his own impendening demise. The acting and camerawork all resonate amazingly well, and its function as a musical harkens back to Nashville a film I am beginning to realize I need to give another chance.

I hope and pray that Altman has more films left, because this one shows such an amazing talent still burns in him. But if this ends up being his last one, what a way to go out.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. A Prairie Home Companion
2. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
3. Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World

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