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Lost threads.

X Men: The Last Stand (Ratner, 2006)

I want to try both Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer for crimes against the cinema. Singer for leaving his opus to be finished by a hack and Ratner for the truly terribly finale he gave the once great X Men trilogy.

Without Singer's vision and gift for spinning the metaphor in his films, X3 has no focus. Singer saw Magneto as a villain, but a sympathetic one coming from a genuine place. In Ratner's film Magneto is just evil, with only glances towards sympathy(mostly in the final plot twist, where he elicits too much sympathy). Also Ratner has no idea how to handle the emotional death scenes. One at the center of the film has no resonance, when it should be devastating.

Plus Halle Berry may be the worst living actress.

A sad way to end a once great series.

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