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Twice the gore.

High Tension (Aja, 2003)

What a great first 75 minutes and an awful last 15. Aja the writer seems to fail Aja the director, as the third act twist effectively invalidates all of the, yes, high tension that had come before. This guy will make a good movie one day, though. I'll be seeing The Hills Have Eyes soon.

Hostel (Roth, 2006)

On a certain perverse level I really like and even admire Roth's sophomore effort. After a rough first few minutes, I really grew to be with these characters. His problem was choosing torture as his hook. Torture is almost totally uncompelling on screen, unless you choose the Miike-
Audition route and show it in grisly detail. Roth may have more tact than Miike(who appears in Hostel in a funny cameo, if you know who Miike is) but his film's lack the Japanese master's punch. Still, just like Aja Roth may make an interesting film one day if he develops a more interesting take on humanity than the meat puppet.

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