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Quick Hits Because I am Lazy.

Veronica Mars: Season 1 (Thomas, 2004)

Not a film, but one of the best examples of how good current television can be. Witty without ever venturing into over-the-top nature of Whedon or Sorkin in their most indulgent moments, VM draws full characters and plays with genre as well as any film. The final episode is the best example of the slasher genre I have seen in recent years. Good stuff.

Funny Games (Haneke, 1997)

Another breathtaking yet mannered film from the Austrian provocateur, his examination of violence in the cinema is infuriating and intellectually thrilling. I can't agree with his overarching argument, that violent cinema is created through the brutality of the audience, but at the

Shivers (Cronenberg, 1975)

David C's first feature is still scary today, and better than much of his early output (I'm looking your way, Scanners). A very disturbing ending and some good scares.

Life of Brian (Jones, 1979)

Their most coherent film, and the best example of their intelligence, Brian's best bits (the Sermon on the Mount, the zealots chasing Brian) all skewer organized religion as mercilessly as there has ever been in pop culture.

Birth (Glazer, 2004)

I don't know if I am fully behind the current critical reappraisal of Glazer's underappreciated 2004 gem, but it is defiantly a formally challenging and thematically disturbing tale about loss and hope. I feel the style is a little too cribbed from Kubrick to be a full fledged masterpiece, but it shows much promise from a director that just turned 40. I really need to see Sexy Beast.

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