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Coogan and MacAdams.

Tristram Shandy (Winterbottom, 2005)

Combining an incredibly interesting take on the art of adaptation with hilarious slapstick is harder than it looks. That's why Winterbottom's overlooked 2005 comedy is both one of the most artistically satisfying and very funny films released in the last few years. Coogan's rehearsal with the hot almond is a scene for the ages. If I had seen this last year, it definitley would have made my top ten list. Rob Brydon's Coogan impersonation is a thing of beauty.

The Notebook (Cassavetes(Nick), 2004)

Even though I hate Rachel MacAdams, The Notebook is an enjoyable weepy with some solid actors. The iconography is a little over the top (have you ever seen so damn many geese?), but this film really finds a groove after a rough first half hour. On a side note, how much would it suck to be James Marsden, Hollywood's top actor to play the great guy that prevents our rougish hero and charming heroine from being together, even though we still like him.

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