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My Weekend.

Talladega Nights (McKay, 2006)

Though definitely no Anchorman, Talladega Nights is a funny and cheesy movie that returns Will Ferrell to prime form. Plus, Sascha Baron Cohen is a genius, and Gary Cole just might be my favorite character actor (since John C. Reilly has really graduated to a new level). Oh, and I have a crush on Amy Adams, but that is really beside the point.

The Descent (Marshall, 2006)

Wow, I didn't know they made genuinely scary movies in English any more. Marshall has crafted a film that is both terrifying thriller and a two handed character piece, with both working well. The original, more downbeat ending seems a little more appropriate to me, but other than that this is a pretty flawless exercise in fright.

The Last House on the Left (Craven, 1972)

Why, why do I keep watching Wes Craven films? One of the most overrated hacks in Hollywood history, his 1972 debut is a sad, painful little film that has no tension or drama. You simply don't care about anyone or anything in the film. Boring and disgusting.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. Miami Vice
2. United 93
3. A Prairie Home Companion
4. The Descent
5. An Inconvenient Truth
6. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
7. Nacho Libre
8. Hard Candy
9. Talladega Nights
10. Thank You For Smoking

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