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The Departed (Scorcese, 2006)

The film is all about mirrors. Damon-DiCaprio, Nicholson-Sheen, bags of food at beginning and end. It asks why in this society we put the just through the stations of the cross and the wicked live in townhouses. The the glowing white father can die without a note, and the searing red father can die grandly. It wants to know if it is all a game.

From the first moments, Scorcese announces his world. The opening sequence, working similarly to the beginning of Goodfellas pulls you in and sets the story going at a furious pace. Scorcese uses the tight script to ruminate on his pet themes, while getting killer performances from his large ensemble. He also creates some of his most indelible images, like the final shot or Nicholson's coke fueled date. Yes, DiCaprio is no Tony Leung, but judged independently everything in this film works. This is the sort of movie America has always owned, the kind that made Godard love Ray. It truly is one of Scorcese's best.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. The Departed
2. Miami Vice

3. United 93
4. A Prairie Home Companion
5. The Descent
6. An Inconvenient Truth
7. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
8. Inside Man
9. The Black Dahlia
10. Nacho Libre

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