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I hate Harvey Weinstein.

There is a good movie somewhere in The Brothers Grimm. You can see Gilliam's hands all over the film, even if it's clear that this is a "look ma I can make money too" effort. But, as is the film feels so choppy, so disjointed that it is like a collection of random scenes and not a cohesive effort. The Weinstein Brother's interference has killed this films chances of being good. Credit for that also goes to Ehren "Worst Writer in Hollywood" Krueger, whose script is not much more than a hodgepodge of Grimm fairy tale alluions and stilted set pieces.

The acting is actually fairly strong, with a nice turn by Heath Ledger, but the movie really aches for Samantha Morton, who was originally cast in the female lead. The woman Weinstein forced on Gilliam instead is a sub-Keira Knightley hot action chick. It kills me that Weinstein nixed Morton almost certainly because he wanted a "prettier" actress. Morton is one of the most beautiful actress in the world, which means that Harvey is an idiot.

In the end this is a failure of a film. It is still entertaining, sometimes frightening, but never engrossing. This rivals Jabberwocky for Gilliam's worst film, though that still makes it art compared to Dukes of Hazzard. Hopefully this will make money for the studio so that Gilliam can get some level of respect from the backers, and get more films made.

At least we have a real Gilliam project, Tideland, later in the year.

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