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Witty men and quick women.

So now I've seen in a two week period Pride & Prejudice, Emma and Sense and Sensibility. The first film suffered in a lack of Firth, the second by a weak ending, but S&S managed to avoid both of these pitfalls(Firth to Hugh Grant is a lateral move). Lee's film demonstrates a knowledge of how to turn in exactly what is expected of this sort of period piece. Thompson's script delivers all the necessary beats, and the amiable cast plays their parts to the hilt, with all the leads acquitting themselves very well.

That plus Lee's sure visual hand, never lingering in a place, hurrying the story along as much as you can with Austen, let the film play out without much lingering power, but with great romance in the moment.

There is one shot that deserves discussion, when the family comes to their cottage for the first time, and their benefactor approaches them out of his carriage, the dogs that leap out are followed in a jarringly different style. It is as if Sam Raimi came in to shoot one shot, with the dogs running to the family, and then Lee takes back over with his austere style. An absolutely bizarre moment.

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