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The best thing about the 1933 King Kong is that it still works. For the most part comedy, romance and drama will translate into the present time but it is always more sketchy with adventure. I don't know if it's just that the whole world is more nerve wracking now, or if its just the films, but it is almost an exception when one still works.

Kong does. From the first moments the tension is well built and exciting, and by the time we get to Skull Island you are with these characters all the way. Yes, the special effects have dated a bit on Kong himself, but it is only distracting in the closeups, from a distance he is just as terrifying as ever. And that T-rex fight is still hardcore.

The most remarkable thing is how viscous the film is, with a huge body count. It pulls no punches, and even if you know how the film will end, you are still terrified for Ann and Jack.

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