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The Science of Sleep (Gondry, 2006)

I wanted to love this movie. It stars my favorite young actor in Bernal, and Eternal Sunshine was a near masterpiece. So why didn't this click for me? I think it lies in the dreams. In dreams the film become to precocious, not merely about a precocious man. They so bored me after the first couple that I just couldn't take them. When in the "real world" the film is beautiful and sad, but the contrivences of the dream world just lost me.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. The Departed
2. Miami Vice

3. United 93
4. A Prairie Home Companion
5. The Descent
6. The Science of Sleep
7. An Inconvenient Truth
8. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
9. Inside Man
10. The Black Dahlia

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