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The Most Disturbing Screening of Any Film I Have Ever Been To.

I went to see Gone With the Wind today at the Paramount. I am now profoundly disturbed. Unbeknownst to me the screening was heavily attended by a group of pathetic rednecks who decided to hoot and holler every time anything vaguely anti-Northern came on. I nearly vomited when the crowd cheered Scarlett shooting the union deserter. They weren't cheering her killing a potential attacker, they were cheering her killing a Yankee. I was born and raised in Texas yet this outlook still baffles me. What is it that makes southerners hold onto their Civil War heritage? To me this is a blight on the history of the south, not something that should be held up as a positive.

I wasn't much happier with the film itself. Shockingly I had never seen wind before, and it's blatant and pervasive racism caught me off guard. To me the idea that any aspect of the so-called genteel ante-bellum life should be held onto is disgusting. This society has nothing worth reminiscing over.

The film is actually fairly weak in my opinion. Strong performances from Gable and Leigh and great cinematography make it watchable, but it is little more than 3 and a half hours of melodrama. I really think that the only reason that the film is still watched is by the klan crowd and for its ability to maintain itself over its running time.

Gable, however, is a God of cool.

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