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Peter Jackson's King Kong is obviously the work of a great fan. It's subtle references and homages to the great film are amongst the best aspects of the new film.

But that is saying far too little for Kong 2005, because it is a fucking great ride at the theater. Superb acting (and casting, damn it!) as well as Jackson's own madcap joy in storytelling lend itself perfectly to this kind of large scale filmmaking. He just simply knows what will excite us.

Everyone that dislikes the choices of Brody and Black are just wrong. They fit perfectly into these roles, and their changes are amongst the best changes from Kong 1933. But it is Watts that shines above all. An amazing actress that has fulfilled all her promise from Mulholland Drive.

Current 2005 Top 10:
1. A History of Violence
2. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
3. Broken Flowers
Grizzly Man
5. King Kong
6. Last Days
7. The Constant Gardener
8. Hustle & Flow
9. Kung Fu Hustle

10. The 40 Year Old Virgin

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