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First act problems.

Slither (Gunn, 2006)

James Gunn's Slither is a fun and funny movie with a few major and painful flaws. Chief amongst those is the awful and boring first act, which seems to have over estimated the audiences' tolerance for the anoying heavy. It is not until the Nathan Fillion character becomes the lead about 30 minutes into the film that the humor really takes off and Slither stops being a total bore.

Fillion is an incredibly deft actor, able to play action hero and comedy equally well(thank Joss Whedon for that). Overall, the film doesn't work but I would still tell friends to see it.

One last note: Why is there no nudity in this film? There are scenes written into the script that only play as a sendup of B horror nudity, and without the women being naked the jokes don't play.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. A Prairie Home Companion
2. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
3. V for Vendetta
4. Thank You For Smoking
5. Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
6. Slither
7. American Dreamz

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