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Scary Children.

The Brood (Cronenberg, 1979)

Cronenberg's third feature, The Brood is an effective, bizarre little thriller that furthers my theory that little blond children are the scariest things alive. Though the film loses its way between the first and second kills, it gets back on track soon and overall it is very tight and scary.

The best aspect of the film is the almost total lack of exposition. We are thrown into this world with a great opening scene, and little is established of what is going on. For a plotline that is so outlandish, the less information we receive the better. I don't really want to know how the brood were created, or what psycho
plasmics is or how it works, the answers could only be unsatisfactory. Cronenberg films are about mood and visceral alienation from your own body, and over explanation would kill them.

With this film Cronenberg had yet to achieve the mastery he would attain with The Fly, but it showed immense talent and potential.

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