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Victims and victimizers.

Hard Candy (Slade, 2006)

No matter what the preview audience I saw the film with might think, David Slade's Hard Candy is no girl power fantasy. Instead this is a amazingly tragic thriller that shows the true depths of what sexual violence can do to a young woman. Slade opens up the theatricality of the very good and literate script, while at the same time eliciting amazing performances from both his leads. Page and Wilson both deserve the highest praise for their work here, and Page might just be a major new find if she gets the right parts in her development.

The most amazing thing about the film is the way it asks questions and inverts conventions of the rape-revenge genre. Though many audiences might be conditioned to accept and even want the type of violence she visits on the Wilson character, the film brilliantly show the sadness of the character and the depths of depravity that some unknown violence can place in the mind of a young girl.

Great work from everyone involved. Special mention must also be made of the stellar art direction in this film, truly superb.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. A Prairie Home Companion
2. Dave Chapelle's Block Party
3. Hard Candy
4. V for Vendetta
5. Thank You For Smoking
6. Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World
7. Slither
8. American Dreamz
9. Silent Hill

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