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Modern Romance.

Borat (Charles and Cohen, 2006) This isn't the funniest movie ever made, just the funniest of the year. Cohen may literally be a genius of a performer, but this should be the end of the Ali G films. Borat was the best character, and has turned into a hilarious film, but that should be all. Please no Bruno.

Marie Antoinette (Coppola, 2006)

I try not to blame Coppola for my problems with this beautiful yet over indulgent film (two shopping montages?), but I still must fault her for the performance of the dead space that exists whenever Kirsten Dunst is on the screen. Schwartzman, Torn and Argento? Brilliant. But Coppola is unable to get Dunst to understand the things she does. It is a playing that is far to straight to work. There are now levels, no remove that it is necessary to have for the character. Another problem is with the film is the score. The New Wave works so well that it is a shame that Coppola uses scoring. It works against the film. Still it is rapsidous and engrossing, if misguided.

Population 436 (MacLaren, 2006)

Shirley Jackson's The Lottery + The Wicker Man= Population 436.

Aguirre, The Wrath of God (Herzog, 1971)

I saw this film as a freshman in college and hated it. I see it now as genius. Herzog's combination of documentary style with epic story and stylized acting with natural setting is evocative and haunting. The last images are startling and dreamy. Breathtaking.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. The Departed
2. Miami Vice

3. United 93
4. A Prairie Home Companion
5. Borat
6. The Descent
Dave Chapelle's Block Party
8. Inside Man
9. The Science of Sleep
10. Marie Antoinette

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