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Le Petit Soldat is not considered one of the great Godard films for one reason: by the time it was first shown it was considered old news. It has all the style and flair of his other New Wave efforts, but includes certain brilliant scenes, like the disturbing torture sequence, that are atypical of this Godard.

Karina, in her first film with her soon to be husband, is beautiful and compelling. And Michel Subor is gives a very interesting central performance. He ends up actually being one of my favorite Godard protagonists.

Once again, Godard's amazing camerawork and natural style break shown in the immediacy of the film. As opposed to several films released this year, Godard takes a much more interesting look at this violence and revenge and actually has something interesting to say. Godard's view understands the politics of the situation and does not look at it in pure humanistic terms. He sees France-Algeria as a conflict of barbarians and argues against these sort ideals. But he does it in a way that is bother interesting and compelling.

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