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Munich refuses to say anything. People are calling Spielberg out for his "anti-Israeli" stance in Munich, and that is totally unfounded. His real problem is that he chooses to take no political stance. He simple says violence is bad and then doesn't appraise what that means in the situation. He refuses to let us truly see the horrors that the Israelis cause, all while telling us what they are doing is wrong. This disjoint cripples the film.

Meanwhile, Spielberg still tells us how to feel. He never lets an audience come to an emotion with explicit force to go there. He spends no time letting us see into the mind of the Eric Bana character, Avner. Once it is convenient for him to be remorseful, he is, but there is no progression. The film holds no emotional upswing. It has nothing to say or feel.

And the less said about that horrible sex/flashback scene, the better.

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