Mineshaft Gap

It's a screening log, no more no less. Maybe I'll have something interesting to say one of these days...

Ladies, Vampires and Men.

Flags of Our Fathers (Eastwood, 2006)

An interesting conception and take on war, completely ruined by Ryan Phillipe and Adam Beach.

Nosferatu the Vampire (Herzog, 1978)

More a supernatural drama than a horror film, this is a breathtakingly beautiful visual poem. Herzog's images haunt my dreams.

The Queen (Frears, 2006)

This film is the epitome of the concept of the "well made play". Well acted, written, and directed it is a reserved yet powerful experience. Mirren and Sheen are brilliant.

Current 2006 Top Ten:
1. The Departed
2. Miami Vice
3. The Queen
4. United 93
5. A Prairie Home Companion
6. Borat
7. The Descent
Dave Chapelle's Block Party
9. Inside Man
10. The Science of Sleep

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