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Movies of late.

In addition to starting to watch but failing to get through Pulse, the American remake, here's what I have seen of late.

Unaccompanied Minors (Feig, 2006)

Cute, and the Kids in the Hall guys were great.

Je Vous Salue, Marie (Godard, 1985)

More proof of the greatness of large images, watching this on my new bigger TV made all the difference from my first viewing a year ago. Godard's clarity of thought screams through in this film. He gets at the heart of the difficulties of faith. His eye lingers perhaps a little too long on young naked bodies, but the fervor of his ideas is breathtaking.

Petit Notes a propos du film Je Vous Salue, Marie (Godard, 1985)

Another of Godard's video preparations for a feature, this one ruminating on the nature of facial poses and the influence of music. A fantastic piece of video criticism.

The Dreamers (Bertolucci, 2003)

There is something so compelling about the lives of beautiful people on film. The politics are only given glossy treatment, but the films do feel truly loved and the performances are fantastic. Bernardo's own personal experience is what drives this film. His own worship of Godard, and coming of age during the Nouvelle Vague(he would have been a significant, but still minor 7-8 years older than his subjects here during May of '68). A film that can be loved for its cinephilia, despite it's shallowness or flaws.

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