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The Exorcist (Friedkin, 1973)

Utterly disappointing to me.

The Crazies (Romero, 1973)

With each film I see from him, it is more and more clear that Romero is not just the greatest horror director of all time, but one of the greatest political filmmakers and just plain filmmakers we have ever had. This film bristles with relevance to this day, and transforms the disaster genre into one of its few expressions of art. Romero's films feel so personal, and are so clearly a voice calling out in the darkness that it saddens me to watch what the genre has become with the Saw franchise, amongst others. At least George A. is still around to remind us of what horror can be.

Badlands (Malick, 1973)

An utterly perfect existentialist film, Badlands inspired such a pure burst of cinephilia in me that it is like seeing the opening of a new path. Bittersweet it may be that in thirty years Malick has made only three other masterpieces, and like Welles his greatest film may have been his first, but that takes nothing away from Badlands or from the looks exchanged in that airplane between Kit and Holly.

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