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Holiday Roundup.

Saw a bunch of movies when I went home, including Munich again. Definitely the most overrated movie of the year. Also:

The Fly: The best movie about AIDS ever made, as well as just all around brilliant filmmaking.

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town: So good it makes you forget about Sandler's Mr. Deeds, and that is an amazing feat.

Monsieur Ibrahim: Omar Sharif is as charismatic an actor as we've had, and this sweet little film is a great showcase of that.

Bait: Overcooked, obvious thriller, but you can see what Jamie Foxx would soon become. Otherwise, pointless.

Wolf Creek: People attacking this film will be as wrong about it as they were about Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Wolf Creek is a solid, terrifying genre entry.

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  1. # Blogger Christopher

    Agreed on Wolf Creek except for the fact that the ending falls into the same old pitfalls. The scene with the camcorder has no logical reason to exist (wouldn't the survival instinct override curiosity by that point?) other than as exposition for the movie. It was the one moment that brought the movie crashing down around my ears.  

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